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Product Knowledge


The most significant aspect of the design process at Mr. Gray is the selection and creation of custom yarn blends to make our socks. Usually the process begins by selecting interesting and unique yarns and then deciding how to blend them together. The gauge (also referred to the needlecount) of the sock works in conjuction with the specific yarns chosen - therefore our socks range in needlecount from 64N to 200N. The lower needlecount usually indicates a thicker overall sock. Our yarns are all specifically chosen from Japanese mills, and range from compact cotton yarns to washable wool.



The toe and heel areas are usually reinforced with an extra ply of yarn for both durability and comfort. Certain styles such as pile socks may also have a supported footbed.

The knit sock is typically closed with either a traditional "rosso" technique or a hand linked technique. The higher gauge socks (156N - 200N) are usually finished with the hand linking process in order to create as flat a seam as possible.

The rib is an important design element which can change the overall style and fit of the sock. Mr. Gray socks will either have a specific rib pattern or no rib; this is dependent upon the properties of the yarns and more importantly must be proportional to the needlecount.


Basic Loafer Sock

The loafer sock is a hidden (no show) design. The arch has an elastic support and the inside of the heel has a custom silicone pattern - these features help keep the sock in place on your foot. Size 1 is a US Medium which will best fit mens size 7-9. Size 2 is a US Large which is suitable for mens size 10-12.


Care Instructions

Because the range of Mr Gray socks is very large, it is difficult to suggest a single method of washing. However, all of the socks are currently machine washable (on a cold water setting), and may be tumbled dry on the lowest heat setting.