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Romain Zampieri Posted on 22 Feb 22:31 | Creative Pioneers

This is Romain Zampieri – a studied graphic designer, art director, and typographer currently living in Bordeaux, France. We were connected with Romain through our online community and collaborated with him to create some type illustrations designed to complement our storytelling pieces. Romain is one of our Creative Pioneers and we are excited to share a bit more about him with you.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and walk us through your creative process. 

My name is Romain Zampieri and i'm currently in Bordeaux, France. I studied design and graduated from ESMI, and am now a Graphic Designer and Art Director. Graphic design is a world that has always fascinated me, but my work in typography came a little later in my journey, mostly influenced by other artists that inspire me and works I would see at the museums. To me, I treat typography as an emotive release – I feel it has the ability to take a word and connect it to a feeling based on the visual of the type illustration. Each project starts as a collaborative process. I spend a lot of time first listening to the client, and from there it moves into part research and part instinct. I often create several starting tracks which combines my aesthetic with the needs of the client, and from there it's a working development until we reach a point that we're both happy with.


2. What do you love the most about what you do? 

There are a lot of things that I love with what I do, including the overall ability to be creative and making my client's happy. But what makes my work fulfilling starts at the beginning, at the first brief from the client where we're gathering all the components for the project – it's like starting the work on a puzzle and bringing all the pieces together, which I find really fun. Then seeing how the brief turns into something that we create and see people appreciate, that moment is what makes doing what I love so worthwhile.


3. Community is essential to Mr. Gray. We aim to work with fellow pioneers that are going against the grain, doing something different and paving the way for themselves and those behind them. Leaving behind an impact that can enhance and inspire our collective future. What does that mean to you and how do you try to impact your community through your work?

I think that typography can have a real impact on people, bringing design and an emotional feel to illustration. My goal is to be able to share my work as much as possible and to democratize it. It was a real honour and a pleasure to be able to work with Mr. Gray and to collaborate on creating pieces that reflect both of our identities in synergy with one another. I think that when communities come together and support one another, great things happen and move forward. And I'm delighted that I have had the opportunity to create with the Mr. Gray team and now share what we've been working on with our communities.


4. What does it mean to be a Creative Pioneer to you?

Being a Creative Pioneer to me is to be able to open the door to something new, to create something that has not been seen elsewhere yet. A Creative Pioneer is one who initiates a new movement with and for their community.