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Caleb Hansen Posted on 22 Sep 17:55 | Creative Pioneers

This is Caleb Hansen—a local filmmaker and founder of a boutique production house here in Vancouver looking to innovate the way companies connect with their clientele through storytelling. Talented with a full heart (he was part of launching a non profit this year called Kids of Nepal, capturing the life changing stories of the street kids of Nepal), Caleb is our friend in front of the lens and a part of this season's editorial campaign.


MG: What's your name and nickname?

CH: My name is Caleb Hansen. From time to time, I may be referred to as Dory (the result of a few too many concussions on the rugby pitch).

MG: Tell us a bit about your daily hustle.

CH: I guess the all encompassing word for the last three years would be Filmmaker. For the past two years I've been traveling internationally to the US and Europe producing documentaries, branded content and commercials in the equestrian world. Locally, I have a boutique production house called Fundamental Films. We create brand stories for companies that are looking to connect with their clientele.

MG: What are some fun projects you've been involved in and can you share anything special coming up for you?

CH: One of the most fulfilling projects I've been a part of is launching a non profit this year called Kids of Nepal. We traveled to Nepal and captured the life changing stories of street kids through video. I'm still busy travelling for work but I'm stoked to build my new venture Fundamental Films. 

What's your favourite thing about living in our home city, Vancouver?

CH: Easy access to an Earls Cajun Chicken Sandwich

MG: Share something possibly under the radar about Vancouver that you think people should check out?

CH: David Morin, Vancouver street musician

MG: What does being a Creative Pioneer mean to you?

CH: To me, being a Creative Pioneer is about not knowing exactly where you're going, but keeping the focus on challenging yourself personally by pushing your own limits as much as you can.